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true blue friendship

(San francisco, 2008)

We are trapped in a vacuum
A familial wigwam
And we'll ne'er get out
So we might as well deal

We've tried for so long just
To not deal with the problems
The creations of scoundrels
Who will never find balance

Success is improbable
Without true blue pals
We feast on each others' joys
And sip those sugar tears

When I think I'll fail
You spread honey, spread honey
When I'm put in jail, There's

a tunnel for me, tunnel for me

You could melt an igloo
With your hot chutzpah
You burnt me out of my home
provided me freedom to go

When I think I'll fail, You spange

my soul money, soul money
When I think I'll fail,
You mail the remedy, remedy

Jumped out of the window
When the harsh gale blew
I thought a hurricane
Had sucked you to tundra terrain
(You set me free, set me free)

Your life post a bulletin
Announcing: don't frost
I see the waves have hit you
As if a pedestal couldn't get you

Our lives were so close
To believe you're still here
Is the chronicle of a ghost
That may have been zapped to toast

To dream you lost your father
Means you are as stronger
Than I ever could commit
To a stranger intuit

When I think I'll fail
You set me free, set me free
When I'm put in jail, You've

copied the key, copied the key

To feel the vibrations
That all my friends send
Is to immerse in the kiss
So many believe God is

I don copper shields
My nearest friend yields
When my safety is on its own
We are not most glorious alone

When I think I'll fail,
You set me free, set me free
When your love impales,
There are no enemies, no enemies


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